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OJ Electronics is a technologically advanced organisation dedicated to create advanced solutions within underfloor heating and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning). The employees make the difference and are the heart of the organisation, without them there will be little left of value.

Know-how People is our way of showing you who we are, how we feel about working at OJ Electronics and why we think it is a great place to work at.

We call it Know-how People because technology and visionary solutions for technical challenges can´t stand alone. Know-how is required because it is the understanding of the entire system, the knowledge about applications and the way our customers think that makes the difference. At OJ Electronics, we work together to use, develop and achieve that know-how.

This is also the place to find job opportunities and different information about our company and the part of Denmark that we are situated in.

You can find information about our expectations if you apply for an open position as well as information about what you can expect when you join our recruitment process.

You will be able to find video statements from employees giving you an idea about what makes them feel happy about working at OJ Electronics.

As an employee at OJ Electronics, you become part of an organisation where you are close to decision making. We work very straightforward, which is quite unusual for companies that, like us, move among international players at a high level. This means that your thoughts and ideas are not only noticed, but can quickly be transformed into action. So, if you want to see tangible results of your work, you will feel at home with us.

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