How is the job change from a very large to a medium-sized company?

by Lasse Nicolai Langmaack, Head of Projects

In March 2018, Lasse Nicolai Langmaack was employed at OJ in a newly established position as Head of Projects - in charge of the day-to-day management of projects. 

In this interview, you can read about Lasse’s observations when changing jobs from a very large company to a medium-sized company. 

”I graduated in Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering. I came to OJ from a large company, where I practically grew up. I started there as an internship engineer in a programme called post graduate program. After that, I changed jobs in-house several times - among other things as project manager and later on as head of department. I was there for 15 years”.

Lasse wanted to work in a company with more room to manoeuvre and more flexibility:

”In recent years, I wanted to work with similar elements, but in a smaller company with more flexibility and bigger opportunity to make an impact in the company. Applying for a job in another large company was not an option.

I was not in a hurry, so I took the necessary time to find the right position in the right company.  It quickly turned out that you are open to suggestions from employees at OJ”.

”In a large company, you sometimes beat your head against the wall, as the decision paths can be long and slow. In a smaller company like OJ, I only need to agree with a few people before we can try out new methods”.

”In my work as Head of Projects, I examine all projects planned at OJ. I use the roadmap to ensure the best scheduling of the projects. Among other things, I assess limitations and resources as well as manage the coordination. Additionally, I start initiatives to ensure that we continuously optimise completion of our projects”. 

Have you already had the opportunity to leave your imprint on tasks and work procedures? 

”I am definitely working on it, and we have to see if it becomes successful and turns out well. Of course, I hope that I can make a noticeable difference at OJ”.

”The decision-making is certainly shorter at OJ, there are more people involved in a large company. That is just the way it is. I have always had respect for that”.

”I already feel that I have more room to manoeuvre. There is a good attitude; "tell me what you want to do and let’s try it" – nobody has ever said “no” to me yet at OJ. That is exactly what I came here for – to get that openness and willingness to change when proposing sound and useful suggestions. However, it is important to respect the good processes, which already exist”.

Have you experienced a difference in the length of the decision path?

”It is definitely shorter here! I only need to agree with 3-4 people. Senior management is only a few minutes away if you need a quick clarification or approval”.

What can you say about OJ's processes?

”I had speculated about OJ’s processes, but I was frankly surprised how many processes OJ has compared to company size. It is not particularly hard to prepare a lot of processes, but to prepare well-thought-out and useful processes – and not least, keep them updated – is extensive work. At OJ, the processes are prepared in detail – in the good way. They are actually quite sensible and well described”. 

”I have also noticed that I have considerably fewer meetings here at OJ, fewer meetings than I have ever had. I do not know if it is because I am still in the start-up phase. But it is quite nice”.


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