My golden job opportunity

Article by Veronica

I was lucky to start working for OJ in May 2019 as a student employee.
It was really exciting for me to get the possibility of working for an international company. Working for a company such as OJ is very enriching because I know it will give me a lot of experiences for my future life and career. I have always dreamed of working in professional area while studying, but it is never easy to get a position working in a company, especially as I come from abroad, Slovakia. So it felt like it would be nearly impossible to get such an opportunity. Fortunately, my dream became true and here I am sitting in the office at OJ with a smile on my face.

I heard about OJ from some of my friends, who are studying at the same university. As the university often cooperates with OJ on different student projects, I knew what kind of company OJ is and OJ’s specialisations, plus some basics about the company. However, what I did not know was, how OJ is, as a company, for it’s employees.

To my big surprise, it is not a company in which you barely know each other’s names and communicate only at a professional level. Of course, someone could say it is defined by the company’s size but this, I have to say, is not true. At OJ, it feels like people are a part of one big family unit. They do not let you feel like you are something less, I have never felt useless or “not wanted” here, even though I came as a student.

From a professional point of view, everyone at OJ knows what their job is, they fulfil it with responsibility and they really care about the results and prosperity of OJ. When someone has a problem or cannot solve an issue themselves, it is absolutely normal to come and ask your colleague, who will be happy to help. OJ is also a very innovative company, they follow the trends and they are trying to do everything for their customers.
What I have also noticed is that people come to work and they are actually happy to do so! This is something what, in my opinion, you do not see so often because too many people come to work just to “get paid”.
People here are even happy to come back from their holidays, because they are looking forward to going back to work again.

I am happy to be here, and I am working on different tasks at OJ, so I get a good overview about the company, it’s products, customers, strategy and much more. Even though I am working here as “just” a student, I feel like I am a useful part of OJ. Working for OJ has given and still gives me different views on working life, it gives me the necessary experiences for my future and it has shown me that work can also be about passion and fun.

I think OJ is an absolutely perfectly organised company and I know, that in the future, thanks to OJ, not only will I be ready to be responsible in my work, but I will also be able to compare other companies with OJ and decide, whether I can find the same values as I have found here.
Responsibility, fun, usefulness and passion - All under one roof.  This is what OJ is to me.


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