Read about what makes OJ a ”great workplace” according to Brian Larsen

by Brian Larsen, ECO Coordinator 

What do you do at OJ?
OJ’s products are constantly updated to ensure that they meet the latest requirements from customers and various authorities. I am part of the ECO-Team (ECO = Engineering Change Order) that is responsible for planning and implementation of all these product changes. 

We make sure that the engineering change orders are handled as fast and smooth as possible in the organisation. In the team, we prepare timetables for implementation of changes, involving the relevant employees and departments as well as set deadlines for completion of subtasks for the people involved.

Furthermore, I am part of the supply chain working with production planning and procurement.

How does your work make a difference?
We gather and follow up on all the information to make sure that they are not forgotten at the desk of a busy colleague.

Thus, the tasks are solved faster and with fewer mistakes - an advantage for OJ, the employees and our customers.

What can you contribute?
I think that I contribute to a positive and proactive approach to the tasks along with a solution-oriented attitude. I am used to and enjoy juggling many things at the same time.

What makes OJ a good workplace?
As I see it, there are many factors that make OJ a great workplace …

The company it self is very much a factor. When I was hired almost 1½ years ago, I was introduced to a comprehensive introduction programme for new employees from day 1, where an experienced colleague is assigned to you as mentor and you are introduced to all relevant departments and functions in the company.

OJ also has a flexible staff management that can be described as “freedom with responsibility”. In addition, you can improve your skills and qualifications, for instance through courses both internally and externally. 

The employees are also a large factor. Everyone shows a great sense of responsibility in their work and they are proud to be part of OJ. At the same time, the tone of the company is pleasant and informal making everyone feel welcome and at home.



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