The job as controller in OJ's finance department

My name is Karina and I am working as a controller in OJ's finance department.

I started working at OJ 16 years ago. When I graduated with my degree in accounting, I first worked in an accounting firm for 7 years. This means that the job at OJ is my second job as a graduate.

After some years in the accounting profession, I decided to try something different, and applied for the job at OJ. I still remember that I was visiting Odense Zoo when I got the job offer :-) Although I have been with OJ for many years now, it has never been boring. There is a constant flow of new initiatives and changes in the company also affecting the finance department.

I have been involved in implementing many systems, including OJ's ERP system AX and several times I have been involved in implementing business intelligence systems. Recently we implemented Invoice Workflow, a system for scanning and electronic approval of invoices.

My days at OJ are almost never the same. Of course, I have fixed tasks making monthly reporting, budgets, financial statements etc. but at the same time a lot of ad hoc tasks occur all the time. I am super user on the systems I have been involved in implementing, and therefore my colleagues often give me a call if something does not work or if they have changes or improvements to the system.

I enjoy helping my colleagues, analyzing their problems and finding solutions.

I feel comfortable at OJ, in the sense that the organisation is flat and you can knock on everyone´s door to get help or ask questions. I also like shaping my own tasks as well as organising my day considering fixed conditions. I have a lot of good colleagues at OJ. In the finance department where I work, I think our relationship and cooperation is very good. There is room for everyone to concentrate, but also for a good talk or laugh. We help each other whenever needed.

OJ is a workplace that does a lot for it’s staff, and this makes you feel valued. Education is also a possibility if you want to strengthen some of your skills. Since OJ is only my 2nd workplace, I do not have that much to compare with, but when I talk to friends or family about their workplace, my impression is that we are doing very well at OJ :-).

Among other things, I can mention that we also have a very good staff association organising many good events, both for the employees but certainly also events including the employees’ families.


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