Our recruitment process

The process consists of minimum two interviews in which our HR Manager and the recruiting manager participates.

1st interview

The purpose of the first interview is to give you further information about the company and the job and to establish the qualifications of each applicant. After the first interview, both parties have a better basis for decision determining whether the process should continue.

2nd interview

If you are invited to the second interview, you will be asked for at least two references (preferably former managers) and their contact details. You will also be asked to complete a personal profile before the interview, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the profile.

The profile itself is not decisive for our choice to hire or not, it is merely a tool to determine if our impression of you matches your own perception. We also use the profile to clarify our questions to you during the 2nd interview.

During the 2nd interview, we will focus more on your personality in relation to the team you are going to be part of. The interview may also contain a negotiation on salary and other benefits, however this negotiation can also take place in a 3rd interview.

Tips for your application - impress us!

Your application is typically your first chance of impressing us. Here are some tips for you.

Use your cover letter to:

  • Show us that you know who we are www.ojelectronics.com and/or call the contact person mentioned in the job advertisement
  • Tell us what made you interested in our company, what do you expect from us? What difference can you make regarding the job and our company?

Share your thoughts with us if you live so far away from Sønderborg that travel time becomes an issue. Are you willing to move? Do you expect a home office? etc.

Write precisely, briefly and relevant - our time is just as valuable as yours.

Remember that all important information should be on your CV.

More advice on composing your CV is available here (in Danish) http://www.jobindex.dk/vejledning.shtml

Starting at OJ

It doesn´t matter how much self-confidence you have, starting a new job in a new workplace is daunting for everybody. You might begin your first day enthusiastic and excited about the new challenges ahead, but you are also likely to feel nervous, overwhelmed and quite stressed. At OJ Electronics, we give new employees a good reception and present a very thorough introduction program that spans several months.

The introduction plan contains pre-arranged meetings with your closest colleagues. It includes product training adjusted to your job in the company as well as other basic and informative topics.

Your manager will prepare your individual introduction plan and hand it to you on your first working day. You will find that your calendar is booked from day 1.

To obtain a smooth and positive start-up, OJ Electronics provides a mentoring arrangement.

Our mentoring arrangement

At OJ Electronics, an experienced employee is appointed as your mentor. Your mentor supports, introduces and guides you in the ways of the organisation - e.g. corporate culture, practical information etc.

A mentor - mentee relation typically lasts 1-3 months. The relationship between the mentor and mentee is based on confidentiality. The meetings are held one on one, except for the last meeting of the program, where the mentee´s manager is present as well.

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