Our recruitment process


Tips for your application

Your application is typically your first chance of impressing us. Here are some tips for you.

Use your cover letter to:

  • Convince us that your competencies and experience actually match the job
  • Why are you interested in our company?
  • What do you expect from us? What difference can you make regarding the job and our company?
  • Address the issue of relocation if you live more than an hour’s drive from Sønderborg

Be precise, brief and relevant and remember to include all important information in your CV including a certain degree of personal information e.g. family status.

Due to GDPR, we only accept applications submitted via knowhowpeople.com.



When both hiring manager and HR have evaluated all applicants, we select and invite the relevant candidates for interviews.

At OJ we use both a test on logical capacity and a personality profile when interviewing in order to assess the best match between the job and the candidates. Sometimes we will do this in just one interview and sometimes we will screen the candidates first.

We will ask for references and will usually need at least 2.

When the references have been taken, we will decide on who to offer the job and the other candidates will get feedback and a refusal.

The recruitment process usually takes 3-4 weeks.


Starting at OJ

We care about giving you the best start in your new job at OJ, which is why we provide you a detailed introduction programme usually the week before you start, so you know who will meet you on the first day and how the first weeks are going to be. Meetings and trainings will be pre-booked and you will meet everyone relevant during your first month or so at OJ.

Furthermore, you are appointed an experienced mentor when you start at OJ. Your mentor supports, introduces and guides you through the informal ways of the organisation - e.g. corporate culture, practical information etc. You will meet regularly with your mentor during the first 3 months of your employment.

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